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Come to Austria

Soll is a village in the mountains in western Austria. And the Post Hotel is clean and not expensive. It is owned by a local family. From the hotel you can see the whole village, the forests and the mountains. Temperatures in summer are usually 20° to 25° in the daytime, but much cooler in the evening.

Enjoy Thailand

When you visit Bangkok in Thailand, don’t miss the early morning river boat trip to the Floating Market just outside the city. There you will find many kinds of fruits and vegetables. And you can pay for them when you sit in your boat. Don’t forget your hat, the sun can be strong and it may be as hot as 40° at noon.

Visit Hawaii

Maybe the most beautiful place in Hawaii is Kauai. You can visit the long, sandy beaches in the south and west of the island or the mountains and forests in the north, but don’t be surprised if it rains in the center of the island. Daytime temperatures there are usually around 24° to 26° by the sea, and only a little cooler by late evening.

1. The advertisements above are about _______.

A. shopping         B. food

C. travel            D. hotels

2. If you go to Bangkok, you can _______.

A. climb the mountains

B. enjoy the scenery of the forests

C. live in the Post Hotel

D. buy fruits while sitting in your boat

3. ________is one good way to protect yourself from the strong sunshine in Bangkok.

A. Going to the sandy beaches

B. Wearing a hat

C. Climbing up the mountains

D. Staying in the forests

4. Which place will you choose if you want to visit both mountains and beaches?

A. Soll in Austria.

B. Bangkok in Thailand.

C. The Floating Market.

D. Kauai in Hawaii.

5. According to the advertisements, we know that ______.

A. the hottest travel place is Soll

B. maybe it often rains in the center of Kauai

C. the Floating Market is in Austria

D. the Post Hotel in Austria is clean but the price is high


Many U.S. Presidents(总统) had different occupations before entering (进入)the White House. Did you know Andrew JohnsonHe is the 17th President of the United States. He was a tailor (裁缝) before he became the president. Jimmy Carter, the 39th President, was a farmer. Ronald Reagan, the 40th President, was a movie actor.

There are other U.S. Presidential fun facts. Abraham Lincoln, 1.9 meters tall, was the tallest U.S. President. William Harrison, the 9th President, was the only president who studied to be a medical doctor. James Garfield, the 20th President, was the first left-handed president.

Once in the White House, each president made his mark in different ways. In fact, before the 26th President Theodore Roosevelt came to office, the White House wasn’t even called the White House! People called the building the President’s Palace or the President’s House. Roosevelt named it the White House in 1901. James Polk, the 11th President, was the first President to have his photo taken. Theodore Roosevelt was the first President to have his ride to meet people in a car. His fifth cousin — the 32nd President Franklin Delano Roosevelt — was the first to ride in an airplane.

1. What does the underlined word “occupation” mean in Chinese?

A. 国籍           B. 职业            C. 态度           D. 经历

2. Andrew Johnson was a _____ before he became the 17th president.

A. farmer          B. movie actor       C. tailor            D. doctor

3. Before 1901, the White House was called (被叫作) ______.

A. the White House                     B. the President’s office

C. the White Palace                     D. the President’s House

4. From the passage, we know the 32nd President is the 26th President’s _____.

A. friend           B. uncle            C. son            D. cousin

5. Which of the following is NOT true?

A. Abraham Lincoln was the tallest U.S. President.

B. William Harrison was the only president who studied to be a medical doctor.

C. James Garfield, the 20th President, was the first left-handed President.

D. Franklin Delano Roosevelt, was the first to ride in a car.


When you are invited to a meal in Thailand, the words of the invitation usually are “come and eat rice”.   1 . Rice grows there very easily because the weather is warm and there is plenty of rain.

  . So there is no need to use knives and forks, but instead, special spoons and forks are used. The Thais used to eat with their hands and there are still some people who eat this way.   . They wash their right hand in a bowl of water ---they only eat with their right hand. They are careful not to let the food touch the palm(掌心) of their hand. After the meal, the hand is again carefully washed.

  . They are all hot. They are served in bowls which everyone shares, though each person has their own bowl of rice.   , it is not surprising that fish and shellfish play an important part in Thai cooking.

A. There is a special way of doing it.

B. As Thailand has a long coastline(海岸线)

C. It is good manners to refuse or accept the invitation

D. The food is always served in neatly cut up pieces

E. In fact, nearly all Thai dishes are eaten with rice

F. The meal is usually made up of several different dishes.

G. So it is important to follow the custome


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