My Roomba Has Disappeared

When I lost my first Roomba I was heart broken (yes I lost my Roomba – a 770 model that was less than a year old). She had become the one thing I could rely on in an otherwise crazy world (yes she was a female robot). When I was at work during the day, she’d come out and dutifully clean my bachelor floors thus freeing my time for bigger and better things.

When I finally gave up hope that I’d find her whilst unpacking my home from a recent move, I started looking at replacing her. In the end I upgraded to the 880 model. The cleaning seems to be on par with the 770. Roomba still takes crazy random patterns, but, particularly if you are able to run Roomba daily (e.g. when you’re at work), your floors should remain fairly clean.

I haven’t given up hope that my original Roomba will sooner or later show up. Being ‘forced’ to buy a second Roomba and ending up with one for each floor in my home wouldn’t be the worst outcome. :drools:


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One thought on “My Roomba Has Disappeared

  1. John Newman

    Ahh Roomba! How could you lost it? 🙂 My friend has one and it is a really interesting and cool thing to have. Got on this website accidentally, but I’m really finding many things I’m interested about. Keep it up


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